September 5, 2012

Now I am six....

A long overdue update will follow, but today's big news is that Tim turns six years old today!!  What a journey it's been.  Since he is still under quarantine orders, there will be no party for Tim just yet.  Instead we spent the day checking in with neurosurgery and having lunch with dad at his office.  We're hoping this year will be calm, and just filled with normal six year-old milestones - learning to read, riding a two wheeler, etc.

As for that update -

Medically, Tim is doing very well.  His last biopsy (8/29), showed no signs of rejection.  Neurologically, he has been fine as well.  The EEG he had last month showed the part of his brain that had the bleed was still "slow."  The doctor explained it is still healing, so he will stay on anti-convulsants for a few more months just to protect his brain.  We've been backing off on one of his blood pressure medications and he is doing well.  He's done with prednisone, and two other medicines that went with it.  He still takes a lot of medicine for a kindergartner, but it's manageable.

School started last week for Lou, and all the other kids in town.  We've been very lucky that Tim was assigned the same kindergarten teacher that Lou had, AND she agreed to be his home bound tutor every afternoon.  She has been trying to keep him in the classroom loop, and I think it will make his transition easier.  On that note, Tim has been cleared to go back to school as soon as his official 90 days are up!  He will be starting the week of September 24th, and while he might not agree, we think it will be good for him to be "normal" and get back into a routine with his peers, not to mention to exercise that brain of his!

We'd like to send out a HUGE thank you to everyone who has helped our family - be it with meals, childcare, emotional support, lemonade stands, garage sales, and donations of all kinds.  It has indeed been a very challenging summer for us all, but I really feel like we are on the upswing.  I'm not quite sure how our family would have survived this summer without the help of our friends, family and community.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU to you all.  Also, a tremendous thank you to the anonymous family that selflessly gave Tim the gift of life.  We will never be able to repay them, but we will try our best to pay it forward.

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