July 31, 2012


We seem to be a little out of date here on Tim's blog, so here's a quick recap:

After an uneventful biopsy last Wednesday, we all got some very good news - the biopsy showed a minimal amount of rejection, the doctors assured us that it is quite typical following transplant, but nothing to worry about.  So, on Thursday, Tim (and the rest of us) were given the go ahead to leave Ronald McDonald and head home!  It was a major relief to each and every member of our household.

In the few days we've been home, Tim's attitude and energy have improved daily.  He is still typically Tim, telling me that he "doesn't do chores," and trying to convince us that he is incapable of doing simple things like filling up his own water cup.  Today though, he insisted that he run the two blocks to his grandma's house and is playing outside with his brother for the second time today.  It is fabulous to see him with so much energy.  The challenge now will be keeping him close to home for the next two months!

Tomorrow, Wednesday, we have another cardiology follow up downtown - blood work, EKG, echo.  With any luck, our update afterwards will be full of boring news!

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