October 2, 2012

Onward and Upward

It's been a busy couple of weeks.  Last week, September 24th, Tim started kindergarten!!  He was very excited and nervous to be joining his class in school after a month of home bound tutoring.  He went for a half day the first day and then asked to go all day.  So far he's been doing quite well.  Like many kindergartners, he is adjusting to the new routine and rules, but he is enjoying it AND he says that PE is his favorite class.  This from the boy who would not walk a block this time last year.  It is good to see him being a "normal" six year old.

Today he had a follow up appointment with cardiology.  Everything went smoothly and is moving in the right direction - up!  He was able to discontinue two more medications, and his echo and EKG looked good.  He will have another biopsy at the end of the month.  He has lost some weight, but not enough to be concerned about - it is probably due to his higher activity level and growing.  The doctor's prescription - a bowl of ice cream every night!

The hospital also asked Tim if he was interested in being a featured story in their Superior Street windows.  They are telling the stories of some of their "firsts."  Tim was the first heart transplant, and he decided to bring his hedgehogs to be part of his story.  His family of hedgehogs has been growing and they have been with him through many of his hospitalizations.  Today while we were there they took some pictures and work will begin on the window soon.  It should be up around the beginning of November.  Here's a preview of his little friends - Hedgie, Reggie, baby Reggie, and Veggie.

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