July 4, 2012

Waking Up

This morning brings lots of good news.  The MRI came back negative, meaning there is no evidence of long term damage but also not showing any reason for what happened.  The official CT scan read did show that there was no change with the small bleed, but no change is definitely better than it getting worse.  The EEG also showed no seizure activity while Tim was heavily sedated.

With all of that information they have decided to start backing off on Tim's sedation in order to see if any seizure activity picks up as he is less sedated.  As a result he is now more awake, opening his eyes, following commands, answering questions and trying to talk over his vent.  Neurology was going to extubate him tomorrow, but the cardiology team, knowing Tim as they do, think that he won't wait that long and may push to get him off the vent sooner so he doesn't hurt himself trying to pull the tube himself.

We still have a ways to go, but these are all important improvements.  The other big plus is that isolation officially ended this morning so we can be with Tim without having to get all gowned up with gloves and masks.  Tim is still going to be very sensitive to what's around him, so any hint of illness will preclude someone from being around him but this is also a big step for us.

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