July 5, 2012

Slow & Steady....

And we thought things moved slowly with cardiology from time to time....

So, all things considered, Tim is improving as much as he can.  He tolerated the lower versed dosage from yesterday well and all outward neurological signs are that everything is still working well.  The neurology team lowered his dosage from 600 to 500 and we are currently awaiting the EEG to be hooked up again to monitor for any seizure activity.  Provided that Tim continues to be without any seizures they can lower his versed dosage by about 100 every 8 hours.  That puts us at least 40 hours away from being completely free of the sedative.  The medication can also help inhibit the seizures which is why they are decreasing the dosage so slowly.

Perhaps most significantly, Tim should be back off the ventilator this afternoon.  While it certainly isn't the end of the line, it is a big step towards getting him all the way back.  We're all looking forward to the strained demands for "Water" ever few minutes when that happens.

Otherwise, we do know that a scan of some kind will be done to see what Tim's brain looks like and Tim's next biopsy for his heart will be next Friday.  Our best guess is that provided everything goes well Tim's little event will have delayed his discharge by about a week, with him getting released the first half of next week.

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