July 3, 2012

Keeping A Level Head

So, while we don't have any definitive answers here is what we do know at this point. Last night's CT scan showed that there was a small bleed on Tim's brain which caused some swelling. This, along with the other symptoms that were seen yesterday resulted in Tim being put on some anti-seizure medications and an EEG overnight. The EEG did show signs of some seizures, but none that resulted in any outward signs.

A follow-up CT was done this morning which on initial review looked like the amount of blood and swelling had decreased, but a more thorough read by a radiologist needs to be completed to confirm this. Tim is going to be hooked back up to the EEG to get some additional feedback about any seizures, if there are any. There is also an MRI scheduled for later this afternoon to get some more detailed pictures for the neurology team to work with.

The feedback we've gotten is that Tim's heart continues to be in great shape. As for the neurological side of things the current assumption is that the bleeding on his brain caused the seizures that we saw yesterday (blank stares, unable to respond to questions or directions). This is all treatable with medications and currently does not require any surgery. After last night's CT Tim was able to nod and shake his head to yes and no questions and so there isn't a lot of worry that his brain isn't working. The real concern is trying to stop whatever caused the issue so that no lasting damage can happen.

While all of this is obviously very scary for the family to have to deal with, especially since it was so unexpected for everyone, we are thankful that it happened when it did. We can only imagine what could have been if this all happened a day or two after being discharged and we were at Ronald McDonald House. Even though it is close by there's something about having the entire hospital and it's resources right there as something goes wrong. All the medical staff we've spoken to this morning has been very optimistic about the long term outcome while they are taking a very cautious approach in the short term to keep Tim as stable as possible.

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