July 16, 2012

Free At Last!

It's been a busy day full of surprises today.  We started the day with a check from the neurologists who started asking about when Tim was going to be discharged.  We told them that we were not going to talk about discharge until we were being discharged.  Who knew that we would be having that conversation so soon afterwards?  Yes, today was the day Tim was released from the hospital so he could start his time at Ronald McDonald House.

To back up a little bit, the morning was a little different than many we've had of late.  Dad went off to work as he has since last week, but mom was back home on Lombard to deal with getting a replacement window for our van after someone broke into it over the weekend to steal the GPS.  So Tim had cousin Allison, who is visiting from California for the week, sitting with him when the doctors and nurses started coming in talking about discharging him in earnest.  After getting confirmation from Tim's nurse that yes, in fact, he was being discharged mom and dad got back to the hospital to start packing up everything we had in the room.  After a couple more hours used to remove Tim's central line, get a final x-ray and complete all the discharge paperwork we were off.

After checking Tim in at Ronald McDonald House we also moved to a larger room to better accommodate the whole family.  After getting everything from the hospital and our old room moved into the new room Tim enjoyed his first meal outside of the hospital since May.  RMH was serving a dinner tonight that included beef tips with mushrooms, BBQ chicken, chicken fingers and mac and cheese. Tim was in heaven, even if his eyes were a little bigger than his stomach.  While he didn't eat a lot, he did have a late lunch and more than anything Tim seemed to be looking forward to a night of sleep that didn't include getting checked for vitals every four hours.

We have plenty of follow-up appointments scheduled over the next few weeks with the cardiology team, including another biopsy next week, as well as with the neurologists and neurosurgeons.  Still, all of that looks like it will be easy especially since the whole family can now sleep under one roof which can only make life that much easier.

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