July 11, 2012

Art Auction Update

As a reminder, some of the auctions being hosted at http://studiohangouts.com/ArtForTimsHeart/?page_id=100#  will be closing up in 5 days, with the rest finishing in 7.  There are still a few pieces that do not have any bids and many that are still at just $25 for an original piece of art.  If you haven't already, be sure to stop over and check things out and bid if anything strikes your fancy, and be sure to share the link with anyone that you think would be interested.

In other news, Tim's neurological blips seem to be tied to his blood pressure.  He has been put on medicine to try and keep his pressure lower and the result has been wonderful to see.  His headaches seem to have passed and his confusion and vision issues also seem to have passed.  Now if we can just keep it all under control for a good long while.  The passing of the headaches also allowed Tim to have the best night of sleep he's had since he was admitted way back on May 30th.  He slept through the night only waking up once.  Again, more nights like that and Tim should be feeling great.

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William Lane said...

Awesome news. Keep it up, Tim!