December 20, 2011


Tim passed all his final checks and made it home yesterday around 3:00.  He was, and continues to be, very happy to be home.  Per his request, we went to a local sushi restaurant for dinner and he ate A LOT.  It was good to see him feeling more like himself.  We all went to bed early and slept well.  Tim took some tylenol before bed, but slept peacefully and woke up comfortable and in a good mood this morning. 

Our plan is to just take it easy.  Today is a bit of a catch up day here - laundry, Christmas cards, etc.  Tim was excited that he could play video games ALL DAY.  So far, he is good to his word.

We will see the electrophysiologist next week and just concentrate on getting Tim back to 100%.  I know he appreciates everyone thinking about him.  We show and read him all the cards and comments people send his way.  While we didn't expect this complication, and no one enjoys heart surgery, it all could have been much worse.  We're very thankful that Tim's surgery and recovery so far have been "routine" and that he is home in time to celebrate Christmas with us.  We're also very thankful to all the family and friends who never fail to support us, even when it seems like we must be on surgery/crisis number 417!


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