March 10, 2012

Back in the hospital....

Remember how I am always saying "no news is good news?"  It really is the truth.  Unfortunately, today I have some news.

Yesterday Tim had a routine cardiac follow up at Central DuPage with Dr. Vitullo.  He has been very well (for Tim) and quite active - going to school, doing karate, etc.  I had noticed he had been grunting more than usual, and thought there would probably be some change in his echo, but I was not prepared for what the doctor saw.  In short, his systemic ventricle is worsening, and all his valves are leaking more.  She sent us to Children's, where, after more testing, they admitted him to 5 West to try and "tune him up."  Right now he is on IV diuretics, trying to rid himself of extra fluid and they are going to discuss what other options are available at the Monday cardiac conference they have every week.  For now, he is in good spirits, and glad he gets to be on the floor with the play room.  We are hoping his stay will be short, and that he will be able to bounce back. 

Thanks to everyone who has offered help, or just their prayers, we always appreciate it.

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