December 18, 2011

Movin' right along

Only good news to report here.  We had hoped to share truly great news, that Tim was coming home today, but unfortunately, as is often the case over the weekend in a hospital, they are keeping him until tomorrow.  The only thing keeping him at this point are his pacemaker settings.  They want to adjust them and then make sure he tolerates the changes. 

Yesterday was a good day with a lot of progress.  Tim had a wonderful nurse who was kind, but knew how to push him.  He got out of bed, sat in the chair a few times and went walking twice.  Once to the toy closet, where he found a new friend he promptly named "Wedgie."

His appetite has been better, and he has been more awake.  Jeff made it his mission to make sure Tim wasn't getting too much pain medication.  Tim's very good at letting us know when he's hurting, and seems to prefer tylenol to the stronger medicines, probably because it doesn't make him feel tired and disoriented.  Last night Tim had a special guest spend the night, his Grandpa Eddie.  They watched some dvds and hung out.  Grandpa said they had a pretty good night.

After the doctors decided he needed to stay one more day, they also agreed to move him from the ICU to the general cardiac floor.  Currently he has no IVs, and is just being monitored.  We're hoping the move to the 5th floor, where they also have a playroom, will motivate him to get up and move around a little more.  Mostly though, we're just anxious to get him back home!

One more photo, of Tim sitting in his chair -

Thanks to everyone who has written, called, commented, visited - Tim, and the rest of us do appreciate it so much. It helps the days move a little more quickly.


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