August 4, 2010

Stuff & Junk

It's been a much more quiet last few weeks. Tim has been doing well, eating like a horse and getting rid of lots of fluid the old fashioned way. He's got a check-up tomorrow at Children's to make sure everything is as it should be but Mom spoke with Dr. Nguen today and he seems optimistic about how everything is going too and thought we might even get to reduce Tim's diuretics soon. That's a very good thing since Tim has been averaging about a trip to the bathroom one an hour overnight.

In other news, provided tomorrow's appointment goes as expected, we're off set to leave for Florida on Saturday morning for a week of fun with Mickey and Yoda. When we get back it's hard to believe but Lou will be back to school a week later and Tim a week after that. With the end of summer approaching we're planning our annual end of summer party at our house that many of you should already have received evites for. If we've forgotten you let us know and we'll forward an invite to you since this party is mostly a big thank you to all our friends and family who have been so supportive over the past several months.

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