August 6, 2010

Appointment Follow-up

Tim's appointment yesterday was a positive one. His kidney function is very much improved, so much so that he's dried out enough to get off of one of his diuretics (the one he hates the most at that!). Otherwise all the other tests and checks pointed to continued improvement all around, although he did need to get a bump in his Coumadin to 1.5 mg every other day. With that hurdle cleared we're gearing up to get on the road Saturday morning for the drive to Orlando. The boys are excited as are mom and dad. We're so happy that we can spend this time together as a family in a fun and happy place instead of inside a hospital - Tim has really earned it with all he's been through this summer, along with Lou who's been nothing but a tower of strength for a 6 year old watching his little brother going through so many difficult days. Hopefully the heat won't be too bad for us, although we've got no plans to be out in the Disney parks in the middle of the days either to avoid what heat there will be.

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