July 14, 2010

Quick Update

Just a quick update this morning.  Tim's Grandpa Eddie spent most of the afternoon and all night at the hospital.  I'm getting ready to head back soon.  It sounds like all has gone well - lots of drinking, lots of peeing, and a lot of fun.  All good things.

The doctors finally managed to compare Tim's Michigan discharge echo with his latest one here, and it seems that the squeeze is now better, but the valve leakage is somewhat worse.  They're going to try and tweak his medication to make his blood pressure lower and get everything working as best they can.

The plan is to move to the floor today.  Hopefully the playroom will help motivate Tim to get up and moving a little more, and of course, it does mean we are one step closer to going home!
Thanks to everyone for keeping tabs on us - we always appreciate it.

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