July 15, 2010

Out of the PICU - At Least For Now

So Tim did finally get moved out of the PICU around 5 yesterday afternoon to the regular floor after a day of having the doctors be happy with where he was at with his medications. From all reports though the regular room makes the PICU look like the Four Seasons and the sleeping benches at U of M feel like a king sized bed. Mom and Tim also had to suffer through some high temps as they moved in and got settled. Then later in the evening their roommates were complaining that the room was too cold when mom and Tim were finally getting comfortable and so after some heated debate with somone from the hospital the neighbors were moved to a different room.

Beyond all that mom did notice that Tim started with the grunting while breathing again after the move which prompted another medication adjustment. Tim had also broken out in a rash on his chest from some of the adhesives used for the various monitors. Hopefully they both got a good night's sleep.

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