July 12, 2010

Moving Right Along.... Slowly

Not a whole lot new to report today. Tim continues to do well and the docs are adjusting his medications and removing those they can. We're still a ways away from getting Tim home, but we're thinking that the conservative approach the docs at Children's are taking give Tim the best chance of coming home and staying home.

Tim got a visit from his Granpa Eddie today and his grandpa had Tim laughing so hard it tired him out. Of course a few minutes after Tim called it quits with the funny business one of the nurse practitioners came in and lamented the fact that she hadn't seen Tim in a good mood yet. If only she'd have come a few minutes earlier. Grandpa Eddie will be returning tomorrow afternoon with Lou and Grandma Jean for a visit and then Grandpa Eddie is going to spend the night with Tim so so mom can go home and get a good night's sleep with Lou and dad.

It is also sounding like Tim may be moving out of the PICU in the next day or two which is good news in a number of ways. One, it means he will be able to take advantage of the playroom on the 5th floor of the hospital. Two, it means he can get more visitors including little visitors, and he's been enjoying having visitors so far in general (but please check with mom or dad before heading in to see him - we don't want to overwhelm Tim with too many well wishers at the same time). Three, it means he is getting closer to coming home, although we're not expecting a quick discharge after the move either.

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