July 11, 2010

Quick Hits

A few quick updates as we close out the weekend. Tim continues to be in good spirits despite being back in the hospital - surely a good sign. The doctors updated mom this evening that Tim will most likely be in the hospital for at least the next week - not exactly the best news to hear, but at the same time we know they want to get him well enough adjusted that once we get him home we shouldn't have to worry about things too much, or at least no more than any other parents who have a heart patient child.

This week should be interesting as dad is going to attempt to maintain a normal work schedule and spend time with Lou in the evenings, with a plan to have him spend time at Grandma Jean's during the days along with hopefully setting up some play dates for him with some of the kids and families who have made generous offers to do so. Grandpa Eddie has offered to give mom a break on Tuesday night and stay overnight with Tim - we'll see how that one works out, but it's a nice potential opportunity for the other 3/4 of the family to spend some quality time together. Tim and mom also had a nice visit from one of the teachers at his preschool, Mrs. Amy, today which they both enjoyed.

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