July 11, 2010

Morning Update

Last night was a good, but long, night for Tim and dad. After napping during the day Tim wasn't interested in getting any sleep until after 10 which was fine but for the fact that he had a respiratory therapy session scheduled for 1AM. So after they got just a couple of hours of sleep Tim was awoken for the therapy, which in and of itself didn't cause him any problem. The issue came from the fact that the respiratory therapist was unprepared for the fact that Tim's heart rate increased as a result, which had happened during the other two sessions that were done during the day before. The tech's alarm led to her bringing in the overnight pediatrician and more than anything it was their decision to turn on all the lights in Tim's room as part of their investigation that got Tim screaming and woke dad up. Once dad was brought up to speed and he assured them both that this was an expected response based on what had occured in the previous sessions they both had their concerns evaporate.

After all this Tim took a while to settle back down and just before both he and dad fell back asleep he had to pee, which pretty much started the whole getting back to sleep process over again. Then, at 4AM he had an x-ray which again got him screaming and woke dad up again. After finally getting him calmed after this and he got back to sleep the overnight nurse was about to wake him up at 6AM for some medication. Thankfully dad was able to intervene and suggest that he needed to get some sustained sleep more than get agitated again. Tim was then able to sleep soundly till almost 8 and got his meds after he woke up.

Otherwise, Tim is doing well overall. He's peeing a lot which is a great sign, his attitude is very good this morning, even laughing hard at the movie Shark Tale. During morning rounds everyone is happy with his progress so far. He still has some fluid to get rid of and his left lung needs to inflate more fully. They are going to start backing off some of his medications and get rid of the pesky nasal canula today and the decision was made that the respiratory therapy he was getting has served its purpose and he won't need to have that any more either. Tim won't be getting out of the hospital in the next couple of days at least, but he's definitely more comfortable and ameniable than he's been in recent weeks. He ate a big breakfast including parts of a ham and cheese omlette, a waffle, ham, sausage and hash browns. We're glad that the doctors seem to have a definitive plan of action at this point and they are taking steps to try and make sure he only has to be woken up once overnight so he can get some good sleep. We're also glad that Tim is making the progress we knew he could when given the chance. Now we're back to watching Ratatouille.

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