July 16, 2010

The End Is Near?

Yesterday was a pretty quiet day overall. The doctors continue to work on circling in on the perfect balance of medications that Tim needs to keep a good balance between his rhythm, squeeze and blood pressure, and mom reports that they have said his chest x-ray from yesterday is his best yet. One doctor even told Christine that we're getting "close" to being done at the hospital, although no expected day/date was discussed. Otherwise things were fairly dull medically. Tim finally got a telemetry box that allows him to get up and get moving, he got to play some Wii in his room and he got a visit from his godfather Greg last night and he made his way to the play room. He's a little shaky on his legs again from spending so much time laying down, but we'll help him get that strength back in good enough time.

In other news, as many reading already know Tim's favorite uncle and fellow redhead Tony and his wife Mary welcomed their new daughter Emma Jean into the world last night. Tonight dad is going to relieve mom for the night and is looking forward to seeing Tim along with Lou. Here's to a productive weekend and hopefully seeing our boy make his way home soon.

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