July 20, 2010

Hey, Ho - Let's Go!

We pulled out of the parking garage at Children's with the Ramones blaring on the radio and Tim singing along to Blitzkreig Bob - boy was he happy to be out of the hospital! Finally the family is all together again - we got home this afternoon and Tim took quick advantage of having out of town cousins in Lombard and went to play with baby Tucker, Conner and Kendall and made up for plenty of lost playtime. Later in the afternoon he announced he wanted to go to Buffalo Wild Wings for mini corn dogs and after everything he's been through how could mom and dad say no?

After getting home for the night Tim took a bath, took his meds with only minimal resistance and settled in for bed. We're so happy to have Tim home, happy and reasonably healthy. There is a world of difference between how he was when he got home from U of M and this time around with him very much acting just like the Tim that left for Michigan over a month ago.

Next up Tim is headed back to Children's on Thursday for a follow-up x-ray and labs to make sure everything continues to look as good as they did today and then an additional appointment will be made for follow-up in about a month. We, of course, will keep an extra careful eye on him to be sure nothing strange is happening. Oh, and try to let him have as normal rest of the summer as we can. It's hard to believe that in just 6 weeks Tim will be celebrating his 4th birthday.

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