July 19, 2010

All Systems Are Go

Tim had another good day today, so unforseen events notwithstanding we should be busting him out of the joint tomorrow morning. Dad will be coming in early so we can get everything packed up and out the door for the ride home. Tim is excited to get home so he can see baby Tucker and baby Emma along with the rest of the family as soon as he can. His spirits continue to be high and he's glad to know the end is near. Even still, after discharge tomorrow Tim will need to head back in on Thursday for a check-in to make sure everything is where the docs want it to be, followed up with what will probably be frequent doctor visits in the coming weeks. We're still hoping that if Tim can take it we will take the trip to Florida in early/mid-August but we're prepared to reschedule to another time if it's going to be too much for him.

Thanks again to everyone for their words of hope and support during this difficult time for us - nothing like spending 1/2 the summer in a hospital to ruin it. We feel truly blessed to have such a large and vocal support network when we need it.

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