July 18, 2010

Getting Closer

Tim got a few visitors today, with dad and Lou coming by along with Zadie and Bubbie. Tim is in fine spirits, even assisting his nurse with his regular check in items like blood pressure and temperature checks. Tim was excited to get to play a monkey game he discovered yesterday with Lou and was running down the hall to get to the play room to show him. We got some excellent news from the attending physician that as long as things stay where they are at we might get to take Tim home on Tuesday. At first she was saying later in the week, which was a little concerning since the medicine changes haven't been many or all that significant - then she clarified that late in her week meant maybe Tuesday morning, phew!

Tim is anxious to get home, but he was enjoying being the center of attention today and was showing off and keeping everyone entertained. He's very much the Tim we had before getting to U of M, which is great for mom and dad to see. We still need to work on some of his stamina, although getting to see the new baby and having his cousins from Georgia in town this week will probably be a big motivation to get moving when we give him the chance.

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