June 21, 2010

Things Keep Moving In the Right Direction

We've had a fairly quiet afternoon with the nurses, but we've got some new action tonight. We had one of the pacemaker doctors come in who adjusted some of Tim's settings to help avoid the rhythm issues since his atrial function was staying fairly low while his ventricular function was staying pretty steady at about 120 bpm. Tim also had a sprint early in the afternoon to confirm he was ready to come off the vent, and is doing another now. Provided the second goes as well as the first he will be off the vent tonight. We also got to communicate some with him this afternoon after the catheter came out. He woke up in some discomfort, first mouthing that he wanted water, then asking for momma. When Christine spoke with him he asked if it was okay to go pee and when she told him he could he did. He also appropriately responded to questions with nods and head shakes, so it looks like his brain function is pretty good overall.

We doubt there will be any more action today, but we've made some big strides today which is buoying everyone's spirits. Thanks to everyone for their continued support, thoughts and prayers.

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