August 18, 2009

Long Day of Waiting Around

Well, we've finally finished off the long process of the pre-op testing. If only things were a little more organized I think it would be able to be finished in about 2 hours and a reasonably painless experience. We got started just before 9 and had Tim's chest x-ray done and back in the waiting room by 9:30 and met with one of the junior cardiologists. Then we waited for over an hour to have an echo and EKG.

The echo went well and proved once again that Tim does not need to be sedated regardless of hospital policy and the tech agreed that he was very well behaved. Then we moved on to the EKG with he tech doing the EKG setting a new land speed record in getting it completed in less than 1 minute - including getting stickers affixed and then removed.

Afterwards we took a lunch break, followed up by a stop at the lab for a blood draw. Of course Tim was not very happy with this part of the day, but again it was over quickly. We then headed back to the waiting room for a 90 minute wait to see the lead cardiologist for 5 minutes and spend some time with a nurse practitioner doing the intake for anesthesia.

We're now going to spend some time at a playground, get some dinner and hope to get a good night's sleep. We're due to sign in for the procedure at 10:30 tomorrow morning with a start time of 11.

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