August 18, 2009

Arrived Safely in MI

We got an early start today, first dropping Lou off with his Grandma Jean for the week, then taking our dogs to their trainer for the week too. After a quick breakfast we undertook the serious drive from IL to MI. Other than a little rain at the beginning and the end of the trip it was an uneventful drive. Tim spent some of the drive taking a nap but was also happy to sing some of his favorite songs along the way - Ring of Fire, Puff the Magic Dragon & Yo Ho, A Pirates Life For Me. Tim also spent some time making his orange playdough into a carrot which he thought his brother would be impressed with.

After spending so many hours on the road and with no planned action tonight we took advantage of a local mall to take a bit of a walk and to let Tim burn off some energy in their play area. After that we hunted down a local Tim Hortons for doughnuts for tomorrow morning (those Canadiens sure do know how to make a mean maple glazed!), checked into the Med Inn and at Tim's request we went out for a sushi dinner. We're finally settling in for the night and hoping to get some good sleep tonight as we've got an early 9AM start for all his pre-op testing.

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