August 19, 2009

No Surgery Today

We arrived at our appointed time this morning to find out that there was an emergency case that was being handled before the first scheduled case so things were behind schedule. We dug in ready for a bit of a wait and Tim kept himself busy with a variety of toys, books and programs. We knew that the case ahead of ours was scheduled to be a 4 hour procedure, so we weren't expecting to get started any time soon and just hoped to get an update one way or another about today's schedule. After many hours of waiting we just found out that we were getting pushed to tomorrow morning as the first case as the 4 hour operation was just getting started. At one point we were getting told that we might start at 5 tonight, but the prospect of keeping Tim (and Mom & Dad) unfed that long was not a pleasant idea.

We're on the schedule for 8:30 tomorrow morning which should hopefully allow us to get a good start all the way around and hopefully there won't be any emergencies that need to be dealt with either.

We'll post more news tomorrow as we have it.

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