August 21, 2008

That was quick....

Christine got a call from Tim's overnight nurse a little before 4 this morning after he woke up and wanted to see her. She slipped out and let Lou and me sleep. When I woke up a few hours later and called to see how things were going I found out that Tim was going to be discharged today. We're still waiting to have all of the necessary paperwork completed, but we should be on our way home in just a few more hours. Thankfully this trip wound up being as relatively uneventful and easy as we were hoping it to be while we were planning it.

There is a chance that we will have to come back one more time for another tightening as we're currently a little off from the pressure that in Tim's left ventricle that the surgeon wants to see before the double switch. We will continue with our regular check-ups with Dr. Vitulo back home with periodic echos to see how things are going.

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