October 29, 2008

Quiet winter?

Since the procedure in August it's been a hectic couple of months, mostly because it was discovered that the tightening didn't get Tim's gradient to a point that anyone was expecting or hoping for. After plenty of follow-up with Drs. Vitulo and Bove and a cardiac cath to more accurately measure the pressures it was decided that for now we're in a wait and see stage of things. Hopefully this means that we can enjoy a winter without a surgery for the first time since Tim was born, which should also mean less stress about every sniffle and cough and what it means.

Looking ahead, we've got our plans for Thanksgiving squared away with a dinner with Christine's family that we will be frying a turkey for the first time. We're expecting a scaled back Christmas from the last few years with the passing of Grandpa Hans earlier this year and Grandma Rosie moving into a retirement community over the summer. Then we are all looking forward to the new year as we're headed to DisneyWorld on New Year's Eve for a week of fun and Florida sunshine.

With all of that ahead we hopefully won't have much in the way of updates here, but as always we will post when new information is available.

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