August 20, 2008

Out of Surgery and Resting

After what seemed to be an extra long wait we got to see Tim after surgery about 2 hours ago. By the time we saw him he'd already been extubated and demanding (quite loudly) to see his mommy. After a few minutes with mom he settled right down, nursed and had some water and then went back to sleep. Of course we were allowed to see him just as I was bringing back food from the cafeteria for the rest of the family so we had to wait just a little while longer to get some food in us too.

We got to speak with Dr. Bove after surgery and he said things went very well and they achived what they were hoping to with the surgery. We got similar accounts from the cardiologist on the floor and the echo tech who've all seen Tim post-operatively as well. We're in the PICU for the night tonight, but thankfully the hospital's policies have changed a bit since our last trip here and now allow for parents to stay with their children through shift changes. We're expecting to be released to the regular floor tomorrow morning and have been told that we should be ready to be released no later than the weekend as long as everything remains on track. I think we even caught one of the doctors almost slip and say that they thought Tim could be released as early as Thursday night, but I think that's asking for a bit much.

In other news of the day, we had an inauspicious start to things when my phone went for an unexpected dip in the toilet and shorting it out. Lou's been a great big brother throughout the last couple of days and has shown an incredible amount of patience and maturity for a boy his age. He got a special surprise of a Nintendo DS yesterday afternoon to help pass the hours and hours of waiting and he's been diligently trying to work through the games he got. The long day today finally got to him and he succumbed to the need for a nap a little while ago and is recharging his batteries a bit now.

The rest of the week will see Christine staying with Tim as much as possible and Lou and I are her support network, with plans to bring her changes of clothes, food and whatever else she needs. During down times Lou and I will hopefully explore a bit of Ann Arbor and keep him busy (and not solely focused on his DS). Hopefully the rest of the week will be a fairly quiet affair and the only other update to share will be that we're headed home.

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