October 17, 2013

Only the shadow knows...

We've been quite delinquent in posting here.  Our last post was six months post transplant, and now Tim is very nearly SIXTEEN months post transplant.  How's he doing?  In a word - wonderful!

Medically, things are pretty stable.  He has shown no sign of rejection and has weaned some of his medications.  We did have a scare this summer when he had another seizure, but after an overnight stay in the hospital, he's started taking his anti-seizure medication again and probably will take it for a while.  Seizures are hard things to figure out.  In Tim's case, the part of his brain that bleed after his transplant is just sensitive, and it seems that being overly tired or worn out triggers his seizures, so we're doing our best to avoid that.  During our last visit, his echo showed a shadow over his heart, and a repeat showed the same thing, so that's our next issue to follow.  Chances are it's nothing, but Tim will have to have an MRI to give us more answers. 
On the kid front, he's grown a lot.  I'm not sure just how much, but several inches and several pounds.  He spent the summer making up for lost time - learning to swim and ride a two wheeler.  In September, Tim turned 7 and started the first grade.  This fall he's been busy playing soccer.  I'm going to try and catch up on posts, and share some more pictures of all the fun stuff we've been up to.

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xoxo said...

So very glad that on Tim's lifelong journey with heart issues, that he is doing well and able to enjoy the day to day life of a 7 year old boy.

It's a joy to see him growing and thriving in the company of his family- such positive progress from those many long grueling hours, days,and weeks in hospital.

Love you, all of you!