April 23, 2012

Next up...

A brief update -

We are all just rolling along here.  Tim is pretty stable, his energy is okay, but he is definitely feeling/acting more grumpy!  No doubt it's stress and worry about the unknown, so we just try to make life as normal as possible here. 

Medically, he had his first IVIG treatment, which went well.  We're still waiting to see the results of his follow up bloodwork, to see if it improved his antibodies.  We're also due to go back to Children's sometime this week for another check up.  Our short term goal remains keeping Tim home until that new hospital opens up in June!

If you're local, please check out the flyer below, and think about coming out this Saturday night.  It promises to be a good time, and there are LOTS of fabulous raffle prizes to be had.  A big thank you in advance to our friends who worked so hard to set this all up!

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