April 30, 2012

Friends of Tim Fundraiser a Huge Success

On Saturday night we had our first fundraising event for Tim in close to 2 years and it was by far our most successful event to date.  We had all of the wonderful people who came out to support Tim fill up O'Neill's Pub in Lombard and thanks to their generosity were able to raise $6,000 to help offset the bills that will be coming in the near future.  Thanks again to all who were able to attend or wished they could attend but couldn't.  Being that this event was an over 21 affair Tim, of course, was not able to be there, but instead got to spend the evening with his Grandma Jean and Grandpa Eddie along with his brother and sister.  When we were telling him about all the people that came out just for him he was shocked to hear that so many people wanted to help him.  As we often remind him, there are obviously a lot of people that love and care about him who want to do whatever they can to help him.  He, like our entire family, is constantly humbled by the love and generosity we have found throughout this difficult journey even if he isn't always aware of it.

As it seems we always do, we get past one milestone only to have others directly ahead of us.  Tim has an appointment at Children's on Friday morning to get some more lab work done and have a brief check in with the doctors.  Let's hope that it is an easy blood draw for Tim, although he is reportedly doing better each time.  Still, we all know that no one really likes to be stuck with needles. 

Other than that, this week will be a VERY busy week for the Grobart house as we prepare for Lou's first communion this coming Saturday with two rehearsals during the week in addition to Lou's already busy sports schedule with both soccer and baseball practices and games.  Then we have an open house at Lou's school later in the week.  Plus, Rosie is going for her 15 month checkup, which begs the question how did she get so "old" so fast?  Toss in Jeff's birthday, Mother's Day and a special 100th birthday celebration for the kids Dorothy Bishop, the kids' G-Bubby, the following week and we will continue to be busy.

Finally, looking just a little further out, we have another fundraiser scheduled for Sunday, May 20 at Village Tavern & Grill in Carol Stream, IL.  This will be an all day affair where anyone that comes in with a copy of the flyer posted below and Tim will receive 20% of your bill as a donation.  Our family will be planning on heading over after the Lombard Lilac Day Parade that is happening earlier in the day, but we're hoping to see as many people there as possible.  Be sure to get the word out, pass out fliers to all your friends and relatives, co-workers and so-on.  We would love to see every table all day long occupied by people coming in to support Tim.  

Also, anyone who hasn't yet, be sure to head over to https://www.facebook.com/FriendsOfTim to "Like" Tim's page.  Our goal is to have him over 1,000 friends before his transplant, and as of this moment we are 312 people away. 

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Carole Hiebert said...

Wow!!! Busy doesn't begin to describe it!!! Sounds like fun was had by all at the fundraiser - saw the pics on FB. So awesome to see all of the support!! Looking forward to hearing all of your updates of your upcoming events!