July 8, 2010

One Week Later

So, we've been home for a week and thought we'd update everyone on how Tim has been doing. On the medical front, he had his last stich out on Tuesday and came home to take his first bath in close to a month. His pediatrician said he's clear to use the pool in another week once the wound scabs over a little more. Tim also has an appointment set with his cardiologist next week for early in the morning (7:30) - good luck to mom and Tim on getting up and out the door that early!

Otherwise, Tim has been doing a little better every day which is all we can ask for. He talks more, walks more, eats more and is slowly getting back to his old self. His peditrician did say he wasn't talking as loudly as she was used to, but for the sake of mom and dad's sanity Tim talking a little less loudly all the time isn't such a bad thing. Tim's meals have gotten larger and/or more frequent as the days pass from a few bites a few times a day to eating a whole quart of soup over the course of a day or eating 7 or 8 small but meaningful meals. Last night Tim was even running a little bit from the couch to the toilet when he had to pee.

Overall our homecoming has been a happy one so far. We've been receiving meals about every other night from many of the wonderful families of Lombard that have been greatly appreciated. Tim did insist on a couple of quick trips to the Taste of Lombard to get his favorite corn on the cob, and we went over to Grandma Jean and Grandpa Eddie's house for a little bit of sparkler fun on the 4th of July. To top things off we got word from the owner of Bricks, where we had our fundraiser last month, that they want to treat us to dinner one night on them - their generosity continues to inspire us.

We're all so proud of Tim and all the hard work he's putting into getting better every day. He's not a fan of his medication, but obviously it is a necessary evil. We do have the rather large carrot at the end of the stick of a Disney/Star Wars trip in August to use as motivation which has been working rather well for us so far.

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