June 20, 2010

Some Progress

We finally had Tim have a full day without any significant issues. Overnight his main line did clot requiring the poor night nurse to have to hang all new drips, clear the line and get everything started again. The big plus from this excercise was that Tim was without any meds for 3-4 minutes and had no ill effects. He's still very sedated and they are still working on weaning him off most things at a slow rate but he's got a good, normal sinus rhythm now, his pressures are good and he seems to be staying that way for now. He's getting to a point where he could be extubated but the doctors want to be sure his rhythm issues are at an end and that he can tolerate being on his right side before making that move, which they aren't even going to test for until tomorrow. All good news today thankfully. We are going to continue to try and get rested up as we know once Tim is more fully awake he's going to be pretty needy at all times of day and night.

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