June 24, 2010

Out of the PICU

Tim had a great night last night with his, and our, favorite nurse Amy, who he had in stiches all night. He insisted that he watch some of his movies with him and wanted her to sit next to him which she was happy to oblige.

Tim got moved to the regular floor this morning after having his last sedative drip stopped. We're already missing the great nurses from the PICU, but we understand that it's only because he's doing so well that he got moved. Still, it was nice to have nurses and staff that were dedicated to cardiac care where now we've got nurses with a more general care routine.

We're expecting his morphine drip to be stopped tonight so long as he's not in too much pain and he'll still be getting a coctail of other pain meds every four hours. At least one of his remaining two chest tubes should be removed tomorrow morning by 10. We've already taken a short trip to the play area on the floor which was Tim's first time in a chair since surgery. He didn't last long, but it was another important step. He also tried standing up but is having some trouble with that yet. After getting back to the room and letting him know that the sooner he was walking the sooner he would get to go home he wanted to try standing up right away and he was able to support more weight.

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