June 23, 2010

Are You Deaf?

That's what Tim asked his dad today when he wasn't being attentive enough to one of his many requests. "Juice", "Water", "Milk", "I want to sit up", "I want to lay down", "Corn", "Broccoli", "I need to rest". All quotes from our demanding little boy. He's down to just 2 drips now, one a mild sedative and one Morphine. We expect the sedative to be removed at rounds tonight and the morphine may not be far behind. Both remaining chest tubes are currently scheduled to be removed tomorrow morning and we're probably moving the regular floor tomorrow too. When we asked the attending cardiologist how long we might expect to be on the regular floor he said to dress Tim to go home since he'll be going to the floor with nothing left to take out except maybe a line just in case he needs it. We seem to be in the home stretch and Tim has been amusing anyone who comes into his room all day.

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