June 17, 2010

Evening Update

We were able to spend most of the day today with Tim. Overall he's doing well, although he's had a few ups and downs through the day. At one point his oxygen saturation dropped into the low 60's, but after a while it resolved itself and has stayed up in the high 90's the rest of the day. Tim is off the paralytic he was given last night and while the nurses and doctors are trying to keep him sedated he's been waking up for moments and trying to sit up, roll over and other things he shouldn't be doing right now. He has also been responding to his mom's voice and turning to look for her. He was also mouthing the words water and mama, so it looks like his brain made it through the surgery just fine. He's been on a vent since yesterday, but at times he has been breathing on his own over it so maybe he will come off of it tomorrow. The doctors have been telling us all day that there hasn't been anything out of the ordinary for someone who is coming off such a signficant surgery. Our biggest current concern is that his heart rhythm is off, with his upper chambers squeezing two times for every once in the lower. The cardiologists are fine with this though since he's keeping a solid overall rhythm and tomorrow if it hasn't resolved itself they will take further action.

We're off to get some dinner and try to give Tim some down time so he can relax and plan to see him again later tonight after to make sure he's still comfortable.

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Jodi said...

Good luck to your little guy...I read the story in the Herald recently and am glad to hear his surgery went well. I have little ones of my own and cannot imagine what you have endured. Go Timmy!!!!