August 21, 2009

Hopefully Headed Home Soon

We had a quiet night last night. Dad couldn't sleep, so he went to visit Tim around midnight and found him awake and happily watching Backyardigans and ready to eat some more. Dad helped him scarf down a cookie, some of a rice crispy treat and some chocolate milk, got Cars playing on the TV for Tim and helped Tim fall asleep by about 2:30. During that time Dad found out that Tim was in great shape to head home in the morning after rounds especially since there were 3 more surgeries scheduled for the morning and currently no beds in the PICU and that Tim was in the best shape of the 2 people who could possibly get moved or discharged. We also found out that Tim was charming every nurse that worked with him or happened to meet him and that universally everyone thought he was too cute. The night nurses were confused as to why he had a big plate of broccoli along with all the other goodies from the cafeteria and after Dad told her that it was ordered at Tim's request and it was the first thing he ate post-operatively all she could do was smile and shake her head at our silly little guy. At that point Dad went back to the hotel room to catch some z's.

Mom was up early to be with Tim for rounds this morning. When she got there Tim was already awake again and again perfectly content even without Mom or Dad there. Nothing more had changed since late night, except now all of his IV lines have nothing running in preparation for him to be discharged. We have to wait on another echo this morning to confirm everything still looks good, but after that we should be close to ready to go. It's looking like we'll be back home by later afternoon or early evening with what has been another not too rough hospital experience behind us.

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