February 4, 2008

Little help here

Anyone who wants to lend a helping hand to Tim, here is the certificate to use for the Fuddruckers benefit nights on February 12-14 at the location in Downers Grove by the intersection of Butterfield and Finley. Just present the coupon when placing an order and a percentage of your purchase will go to Tim's fund. Tim and his family will be at the restaurant on Wednesday the 13th for anyone who wants to meet them or say hello. Come enjoy a tasty burger and spend Valentine's week helping mend a broken little heart.

Also, here is the Shop & Share form to use on March 3-5 at any Jewel. Just like with Fuddruckers, present the form when making a purchase on those days and 5% of what you spend will go to Tim.

Feel free to download and send these to anyone you know who would want to help, print as many copies as you want and generally just get the word out to everyone.

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