January 22, 2008

Moving Out of the PICU

January 22, 2008 at 09:10 AM CST

Tim's still doing great. He had his second echo at 10 last night and it looked the same as the one done earlier. This is pointing towards not having to make any adjustments to his band for now, although they are doing one more echo now to confirm this. Since he's doing so well orders have been written up to get him transferred fromt he PICU to the moderate care floor once a bed opens up there. This means that mom will be able to stay with him as much as she wants without getting kicked out for any of the various reasons that the PICU gets locked down. In preparation for the move, he's had his catheter removed and will be having his NG tube removed soon too. He did have an air pocked form in his chest overnight, but the doctors were able to extract it via a needle and it caused a little bleeding, but it didn't have any negative effects. I also wanted to commend the nurses in the PICU here. In addition to dispensing his medications and checking his vitals, whenever Tim has been upset they have also been very hands on in comforting him, holding his hand or caressing his cheek. These little touches let us know that Tim wasn't just a body in a bed to them, but a little person that needed affection in addition to medication. Dad and Lou are headed home now, leaving Mom and Grandma Jean in Michigan to take care of Tim. Lou is looking forward to getting back to school and having some time alone with dad and his dogs.

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