June 6, 2012

Slow and Steady

Is Tim great?  No, but he is getting a little better every day, and that makes us very happy.  Medically, they are just trying to fine tune his medicines, finding what will support his heart best while protecting the rest of his organs.  His liver function has been elevated, so they are trying to get it back to normal.  The doctors all seem pretty pleased with his progress.  His heart function is far from healthy, but he has been overall stable for the last day or so, and we're hoping it will stay that way until his new heart comes.

He seems to be feeling a little better now that the breathing tube has been out for a day and his throat has healed some.  He was still quite whiny today, and with good reason.  I think his body just does not feel good.  He is weak, and sore, and has IVs and stickers all over his little body.  He's just plain uncomfortable.  Tomorrow he will be getting a PIC line (kind of like a semi-permanent IV) put in, so they can remove the central line that is in his neck.  I think that will help quite a bit.

Our little bit of excitement today came in the form of a reporter from the Chicago Sun-Times doing a story on Children's move.  They talked to us for about a half an hour and there should be something in Friday's paper featuring Tim.

Thank you to everyone who has sent us their support and prayers.  We do so appreciate it.  It's our hope that Tim will gain a little more strength each day and soon feel more like himself.

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