June 2, 2012

Morning Update

This morning's update is that essentially there isn't an update. Tim was stable overnight with a very minor fever cropping up around 4AM which has already been resolved. For now they still don't have a plan for extubation so it looks like it will be a quiet Saturday in the PICU. Tim is expecting visits from some of his grandparents today while the rest of the family tries to get some loose ends... tied up.

As Jeff is getting ready to go back to work during the day next week our friend Gabi Reczek (https://www.facebook.com/gabrielle.reczek) will be coordinating a schedule for people to sit with Tim and/or help Christine out with Rosie while she's at the hospital this week. Please touch base with her about how to volunteer your time as she takes this significant task off the family's shoulders. Thank you so much Gabi!

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