June 20, 2012

Beautiful Day

What a glorious day to wake up to - sun shining brightly, birds chirping outside and a healthy heart beating in Tim's chest. We are so thankful that we get to enjoy such a wonderful day. Today would not have been possible without the outpouring of support from family, friends, co-workers, hospital staff and all of our new friends we've just not met in person yet. With so many people behind us we couldn't help but stay sane during such an insane time of our lives. We can't believe that nearly 1,000 new people have become Tim's friend in the last 24 hours and also can't wait for Tim to wake up so we can tell him. We're sure his jaw will hit the floor when he hears the news.

Most importantly we want to thank the donor family for providing the wonderful gift of life during what must be their darkest hour. This generosity will never, EVER, be forgotten. We currently and may never know any details about who the donor was or where they came from, their privacy is protected and only they can decide to contact us. Still, we start this day feeling almost like it is Tim's birthday. With this in mind, we would like to remind everyone who hasn't already to register to be an organ donor too. You can go to Donate Life America to find out how to register. As the old saying goes, you can't take it with you so you may as well give what you've got while you can.

Looking ahead, we know the next couple of weeks won't be easy for Tim. Not only is he recovering from surgery but he will also be in isolation. This means Tim won't be able to spend any time with his big brother Lou or little sister Rosie. It also means he won't be able to have many if any visitors other than mom and dad. On the plus side is that for the first time in his life Tim will be recovering with a healthy heart, a detail we have to keep reminding ourselves about. That should make things a little easier for him and, knowing Tim, by the time these 2 weeks pass he'll be ready to run a marathon when he could barely run yards before without getting winded.

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