March 17, 2012

What A Day!

What a day yesterday was.  The great news was that Tim got to come home, although there were still a few obstacles that needed to be overcome.  First, mom & dad had to take a quick CPR refresher class so they hospital knows we have what it takes to do what we can in the event of an emergency.  The class covered not just standard CPR, but also how to use an AED and established a plan for if we’re alone or if we have 2 people around.  We both passed with flying colors, thank you high school health class and Boy Scouts for making this an easy thing to do.
After taking care of the class and signing all the necessary paperwork to have Tim released we were on our way.  Our first stop?   The barber for much needed trims for both Tim and dad.  Then the family went to pick up big brother Lou at school and were greeted by many parents who’ve been following Tim who were excited to see him out and about.  After this we finally made it home, a whole family together again.

Dad then went to get Tim’s new prescription filled at our regular pharmacy.  The only problem was that the pharmacy didn’t have any of it on hand and the insurance system thought the prescription had already been filled.  After several calls by the pharmacist to several other pharmacies  as well as local hospitals he was able to say that no one around us had the Diuril on hand and the best he could do was order some for delivery on Monday and work on resolving the insurance issue for us, which was the plan we went with.  So then we got on the phone with Children’s to see if we could get enough to get us through the weekend, which they were able to do without much problem and mom and Rosie went for the trip into the city to pick it up.

In the meantime, Lou was getting ready for his big night at Cub Scouts where he would be receiving his first rank award, Bobcat, as well as fly his space derby rocket that he’d been working on this week with his Uncle Tony.  Tim decided he didn’t want to go to the Cub Scout meeting so he had the special treat of spending a couple of hours with his Grandma Jean and Grandpa Eddie which is always a treat for him.
After such a busy afternoon and evening everyone was ready for a good night’s rest and so Tim was happy to climb into his own bed and for the first time in a long time, as in since well before he went into the hospital even, slept the whole night through.  He was quite proud and excited about that this morning.

Looking ahead, we’re all going to try and settle back into as dull and boring of a routine as we can since dull and boring generally means that things are going well for us.  Unfortunately we’re going to have to cancel some travel plans we’d been working on, but we think as soon as Tim is given the okay to hit the road we will get something planned regardless of the time of year.  So, sorry Mickey, but it’ll be a little while longer till you get to see Tim and his crew.  Tim is headed back to school on Monday and will be having regular visits with his cardiac team on Thursdays going forward.
We will continue to keep everyone updated as we get any news, but we’re hoping to be a little quiet on the update front for a little while with maybe weekly updates unless something more urgent comes along.  As always, thanks for reading and providing support and prayers.

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