April 26, 2011

The Good, the Bad, and the Cute

It has been such a long time since we posted an update, but as many know, no news is good news. There is a fair amount of good news to share, so I'll start there.

The Good: Tim is growing, going to preschool and very happy. He's been feeling more adventurous and is trying swimming lessons and is signed up for t-ball in the summer. He got a new bike and has ridden a few times. Hopefully we'll get out more once the weather finally warms up. He also started a cooking class at the park district which he enjoys. He seems to have the names and characteristics of many, many dinosaurs memorized, as well as the plots to all things Star Wars. He's still on a fair amount of medication twice a day, every day, but all in all, he's feeling good.

Also in the good category - he's being granted a wish by Make a Wish. He's meeting with the wish granters later this week, but at the moment one of his ideas is going somewhere made of corn, so we'll see where that leads. We're very excited for him.

The Bad: For the moment, the bad is not so bad. We had a check up with the cardiologist, Dr. Vitullo, last Friday. Nothing has changed, but that is a problem. The pressure in his lungs remains high and of course, the ever present valve leakage. It's not causing him major problems in the short term, but it's not good in the long term. Dr. Vitullo consulted with Dr. Bove and both would like to see him have a cardiac cath, to see what the real pressure is (is it just slightly high, or really high) and to see if there are any blockages or other problems that might be causing the high pressures. Her guess is that there probably aren't any blockages, but rather his ventricles are just weak. Obviously, this is not ideal and may lead to transplant in the future, but for now he's quite stable and we hope to keep him that way for quite a while! We're hoping to wait until Tim is done with school at the end of the month before we go in for this procedure.

And now for the Cute: Our newest addition, baby Rosemarie Joanne, arrived January 27, one week late, but happy and healthy. Both the boys love her lots and dote on her. Lou is very hands on, changing diapers and helping with baths. Tim loves to sing and talk to her. I've included a few photos.

Thanks to everyone for checking in, we do so appreciate it.

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