July 1, 2010

Home at Last!

We are glad to say we made it home safely last night by about 6:30. We had a happy reunion with our Lou who was so excited to see his brother, mom and dad he could barely contain himself. We quickly organized some dinner for everyone, did a little bit of putting things away and all crashed for the night by about 8:30. We cannot express how nice it was to sleep in a warm and comfortable bed with nobody coming in every few hours to check on some thing or another, no other weird hospital noises, and a nice dark room to get some much needed rest.

Our next mission is to get some meat on Tim's bones as he lost a few pounds from his stay and when you go in at only 35 lbs. every pound counts. Otherwise, Tim and Lou are getting along well (so far) and Lou has been trying to be as helpful as possible, we're getting used to being back home and looking forward to a relaxing weekend punctuated by some fireworks.

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