June 18, 2010

Stressful Afternoon

We had a scary moment this afternoon when Tim's blood pressure dropped dramatically and his heart rate dropped along with it. It only lasted about four minutes, but watching a room full of doctors and nurses descend on Tim to try and resuscitate him. Thankfully he recovered quickly with his pressure, oxygen saturation and heart rate returning to normal. As a precaution he had a CT scan to both confirm his brain and heart were not affected by the event as well as to try and better diagnose what caused it in the first place. So far on the initial read nothing stood out to the doctors reviewing the scan but additional review is being done. As of now he is again resting comfortably, maintaining a regular rhythm, has a good blood pressure and overally doing well. The plan is to keep him comfy tonight and continue to work on weaning him off meds as they can.

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