June 16, 2010

Off to Surgery

We had an early start today - Tim woke up at about 3AM, which isn't too bad since he went to bed around 8. After having us begging him to eat last night and Tim refusing he woke up hungry and wasn't afraid to let us know that. We were finally able to get him distracted with some online kids games and some YouTube videos. We checked in for surgery at about 6:15 and were brought back for pre-op prep shortly afterwards. As Tim realized what was going on he got a little scared and nervous, but the wonderful nurses did everything they could to get him to feel at ease and he finally did relax. Finally it was time for him to go to anesthesia, they gave him a double dose of Versed and he started drifting off to a dream like state. We said our good-byes, gave him one last hug and they took him back to surgery. A long day of waiting and feeling more than a little helpless ahead. We'll post updates as we've got them, but we won't have anything to report for several hours at least.

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