June 28, 2010

Cautious Optimism

A much better day today. Many of our friends reminded us that often the key to weekends at the hospital is just survival.

We had a long discussion with the doctor this morning, and feel like we're all on the same page. He also had a much better explanation why Tim's chest tube put out so much fluid on Saturday. Simply put, because Tim has had several chest tubes over his life, the fluid doesn't have a direct path out and has to work it's way through a maze of scar tissue. Saturday was really his first day up and walking a lot, so there was a lot of fluid that was able to move. Today's chest tube output was pretty conservative, and well within the prescribed "limits" for removing the tube. Provided there is no major output tonight, it may very well come out tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed!

Other than that, we had a pretty quiet day. Tim graduated from physical therapy after proving he could walk as far as he wants to (griping all the way)and climb stairs. The weather was very nice, similar to home I think, so we ventured out for a while and fed the squirrels.

Thank you all for your support, and reminding us that our chest tube "problem," is not really a problem at all, just an inconvenience!


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