February 6, 2010

Several updates

News, news, news....

Posted Dec 18, 2009 2:36pm

This post is rather belated, so bear with me....

About a month ago, Tim's cardiologist called to tell me that she had conferred with Dr. Bove, and he felt that Tim was ready for the double switch any time. Gulp! The double switch is definitely the big step we have been waiting for, but the reality of it is scary for us all. We've followed up with Dr. Bove's office, and Tim's surgery is scheduled for June 16, 2010 in Ann Arbor.

Today, Tim had a regular check up with his cardiologist, Dr. Vitullo. She was quite pleased. That all important gradient is still in the high 80s, and she said his valve leakage has been reduced to just "a trickle." We'll see her next in April to make sure everything is still on track for surgery in June, and Tim will also have a Holter monitor then to make sure he hasn't developed any arrhythmias. All in all, it was a great visit!

In other, less medical news, Tim and I just returned from a visit to Atlanta to visit his cousins. We enjoyed it very much, especially Tim, who got a lot of one on one attention. The only downside - rain and gloom most of the time we were there. Still the temperatures were much better than the 7 degrees we arrived home to!

As of today, both boys will be out of school for two weeks, so it will no doubt be busy around these parts. They are both really looking forward to Christmas this year, and have enjoyed decorating the house.

Thanks to everyone who checks up on us - we appreciate it!

We wish everyone a very happy holiday season and New Year!


Latest Doctor's Visit

Posted Oct. 4, 2009 2:04pm

We had a two month follow up appointment with our cardiologist, Dr. Vitullo, on Friday. I am happy and relieved to say that all went well. Most everything is the same, the gradient measured the same as last time and the leaking of the tricuspid valve looked "the best it ever has." All good news. We aren't due back until mid December.

In the meantime, both boys are at school and enjoying every minute of it. Lou has really adjusted to kindergarten quickly, and they are learning so much! Tim is excited to be going to school by himself and can't seem to get rid of me fast enough when I drop him off.

Thanks to everyone for checking in,


A little bit of everything...

Posted Sep 8, 2009 2:12pm

As expected, we have been busy, busy, busy since we've been home from Michigan. The week after we got back Lou started kindergarten, a big adjustment for all of us. Two weeks in he is enjoying himself and learning a lot! The house is very quiet without him though, and I suspect Tim misses his big brother. I think Tim will be much happier now that he's started his own school two mornings a week!

We celebrated Tim's THIRD birthday this weekend, and he has been proudly announcing that he is not a baby, but a big boy! We were able to celebrate with friends and family, and a good time was had by all (I hope!). We also had good news last Friday during our follow up appointment with our local cardiologist. Tim's incision is nearly healed, and he is doing well. PLUS, the all important gradient measured at 86!! Of course, that means nothing to most of us, but for comparison, his gradient when we left for Michigan was about 45, and it was in the mid 60s following surgery. The ultimate goal was to be between 80 and 90, so all signs look good. I as grateful that Tim was very cooperative and quiet during his echo so the tech could get good pictures.

As always, thanks to everyone for following along. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers.


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